Labor Day 2020 – Closed

In observance of Labor Day, J6 Designs will be closed on Monday, September 7th. Any orders that are scheduled to run that day will be push to the next day on Tuesday, September 8th. Please check your WMJ account for information on your jobs. Have a happy and safe holiday! J6 Customer Service

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Please use WMJ for Job Status check.

Dear Brokers, As many of you know, we are currently working with very limited customer support due to the current health situation. Due to the constant changes, there are days that are very busy or very slow. It’s hard to justify bringing more people in at this time. We are running a fine balance of keeping the doors open and helping everyone as much as we can. As we slowly get busier, we are getting more calls for status checks.

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Updated LOWER Price List for Face Mask! 8/7/20

The face mask market is changing daily and we are doing our best to keep with our competitors.  As you see in your mailbox daily, prices are dropping, mostly due to the the oversea market bringing the price down. We are sharping our pencil and bringing down our pricing for basic face mask down as well. We offer a FLAT rate no matter the quantity order, similar to other clothing vendors out there. Since we control our manufacturing, we have

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Polyester Ink Information

I was recently ask about our Polyester ink and our Grey Barrier Ink. I thought this would be a good time for a new post and talk about something other than CornaVirus and Face Mask stuff. Polyester shirt release this chemical when its ran through the oven called “polyester fuming”. This release of gas attaches itself to the ink that  is on top of it and discolors the ink.For example, this reaction will turn orange ink on black shirts into

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Updated LOWER Price List for Face Mask! 6/5/20

More info at: Upadated LOWER Price List for Face Mask! 6/5/20   As we are acquiring more knowledge on our face mask manufacturing, we are applying our new found knowledge to better streamline the manufacture process. We are developing the cut and sew process that help us produce larger quantities at a faster rate. With this new developments, we like to pass our savings to our brokers. We wanted to produce our face mask at a competitive price, compared to

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As we are updating our face mask production, we realized that some of our face mask information seemed scattered throughout our website which can prove troublesome when clients need information asap. Therefore, we decided to condense all the necessary face mask information in our new website, to make getting the information easier when interacting with your clients. As you visit our website, you can see that we are planning on expanding our range of different face mask, not

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CoronaVirus Update: Open for Pick ups and Drop offs!

UPDATE- We going to be open from 9am-3pm Monday-Friday starting on 5/20. ******************* As of today, we are available for drops off and picks up from 9am-2pm Monday- Friday.  We do ask our clients to make the transition as quickly as possible. Please have your PO and artwork ready or email PRIOR to the drop off please. Lobby entrance still not available for the time being. We working on procedures on making it safe for our brokers and employees.  More

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“Your Logo Here” Mask are ready!

Due to the current health situation and the incredibly high demand, good quality face masks at a good wholesale price has proven difficult to find in the current market place. In order to have control and provide a good quality face mask, we decided to make our own face masks. We fabricated some in-house face masks for our brokers so they can use them as samples to their clients for potential orders. Please feel free to drive by to get

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Phone Issues 4/23/20

We apologize but we are having phone issues for the last few days. We had Frontier come out and try to fix it but it seems to be a “programming” issue. Frontier says the calls work if it comes from a landline but cellular calls seem not to work properly. As of now, the phone is not ringing if it comes from a cell phone. So if you have a LAN line please try to call from that. We are

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Custom Face Mask Available for Wholesale Use

We know everyone is either selling, making, or distributor face mask out there but we been asked by several of our customers to help supply blank and custom face masks for them. We tried to find several wholesale options but could not has a sturdy supply chain or the price has been marked up too high for any resale purpose We decided to make our own. Only black and navy masks are available at this moment but we hoped to

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