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In 2005 we created as a resource for our brokers to get quality and affordable artwork and digitizing services. We understand that clients do not come to you with the best artwork and not many know what “artwork ready” means. We created so you as the broker can have more control over the artwork process and help to prevent costly artwork errors. As a broker there is nothing worse than opening the box and discovering a mistake.

Many of our successful brokers use as another tool in their sales box, right along with a thread chart, PMS book, and a vendor catalog. Whether you’re a one man shop or a large broker firm with multi-millions in revenue, is a great resource.

Here is some examples…

I am  a one man show“… When you’re starting out it’s not reasonable to hire a graphic designer unless you have 40 hours of continuous work to give them. only charges on a per order basis. It doesn’t matter whether you submit one job a month or 10 jobs a day.

I have a graphic artist in-house“… Many clients do have an in-house artist, but they don’t want to use them for artwork services which don’t require their creative talents. The more skilled the artist, the more you will need to pay them.  Let do the grunt work of redrawing and retracing orders and leave the skilled work to your in-house artist. Artwork cleaning can be done with for a fraction of what you would need to pay to get it done in-house.

My current embroiderer charges over $100 a design“… only charges $30.00 for left chest, $15.00 for designs under 4,000 stitches. These are some of the best prices in the industry and the quality is guaranteed.

Some brokers try to go with overseas digitizing, which may cost a little less but is of questionable quality. Here are the advantages to going with

  • File samples provided for FREE
  • Min $5 charge for any files we need supplied by your current digitizer (since we can’t guarantee the quality)
  • Files not supplied by are charged editing fees if any adjustments are necessary.
  • No edit fees for files provided by



Take a minute to sign for FREE account at and try it out. Just like the car insurance commercials say: “save hundreds or even thousands switching to!”