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We offer a wide range of finishing services from tag printing to folding and bagging.  In an increasingly competitive industry, these branded services are available to you in an effort to help your products look professional and unique.


Screen Printed Labels

Screen printed size labelScreen printed labels are the perfect finishing touch to make your product look neat and professional.  Labels can be printed in any single color and typically include a logo, the garment size, care instructions, *fabric composition, and *country of origin.  Inclusion of fabric composition and country of origin are required by law (for more information click here).  You assume all liability for the exclusion of this information.  Optional removal of manufacturers brand tag is available at an additional cost.




Sewn Labels

Sewn labels are the perfect way to give your products a unique cut & sew look.  These labels can be added to the bottom hem, sleeve hem, or neck of most garments.  Garments must include the country of origin and fabric composition, so if you would like to add your custom labels to the inside neck, we recommend removing the top manufacturers branded label and keeping the second label below with that info.  Currently, you must supply your own labels as we do not source these for you at this time.




Tag Removal

We can remove sewn in or tear away garment tags.  If tags are removed, you must have a new tag added in its place as the country of origin and fabric information are required by law.  Tag removal is not required to have custom labels printed.  In addition, some garments have a heat pressed manufacturers label and these are not able to be removed.







We offer folding and bagging services for a professional finish to your quality products.  This is a perfect way to keep your products organized and clean during transport.  In addition, we can apply size label stickers to the bags or folded garments to easily identify the size.  You may opt for to have your garments individually folded only and not bagged.  If bagged, we can heat seal them individually or tape them closed.




Hang Tags

Hang tags with your branding or price tags can be added to any garment with a plastic tagging gun.  These tags are typically placed on seams to avoid tears or holes in the fabric during tag removal.  Tags are available in various sizes and quantities depending on your need.  Adding hang tags makes your products retail ready.  You may order tags from us, or provide your own.


Fulfillment & Shipping

Our highly trained staff is on hand to provide an all-around quality inspection before you receive your order.  This quality assurance is key to having the best possible products.  We also offer worldwide shipping.  Depending on the size of your order, we can palatalize your boxes.  Items are shipped with UPS and can be sent to you or directly to your retailers or distribution and fulfillment centers.

Please email us and request your price list.