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Due to the high demand of names and samples, we recently purchased a brand new TAJIMA 1 head and is in production!
Our embroidery machine list is:
12- Tajima 6 heads
1 – Tajima 1 Head
All fully working in production.

One of our latest additions is the (2) TMARK machine and we are one of the few shops in all of Southern California to have one. This machine was created for hat manufacturers who require a heavy-duty machine that can handle a high output of 3D puff embroidery. This machine is also in the collection of Tajima technology and conforms to the highest industry standards. This machine has revolutionized the industry and we are proud to always provide the most advanced embroidery technology for our brokers.

We have special equipment to embroider on most any bag and the experience to do it properly. We are industry leaders in quality. Our employees average over 10 years experience and this expertise shows in the craftsmanship of our work.
We can embroider using these methods:
3D puff
Polos, Bags, Jackets
Factors that determine price:
Quantity: The higher the quantity, the lower the price per piece.
Stitch Count: The higher the stitch-count, the higher the price per piece


We are one for the largest embroidery companies in Southern California and one of only a handful with over 50 embroidery heads doing general broker work. We welcome all orders!
Our entire embroidery shop consists of Tajima embroidery machines, and most are only 1-5 years old. Tajima embroidery machines were selected because they are the highest quality in the industry. Over the last five years, we have purchased an average of one six-head embroidery machine per year.