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Every shop has things they do a little bit differently. We have practices you may not be accustomed to which help us streamline the operations. Here is a helpful list of items that will help you navigate our shop/system with ease.

  • Please email us first. We love to take calls for issues where you just need a quick answer, however, most production issues need to be communicated in writing to avoid costly mistakes and misunderstandings.  Verbal communication is simply not sufficient in most cases and it is our policy to require to have written instruction.
  • Please, Please, Please Sign up for “Enter Your Email to get Shop Updates!” on the home page. We have a huge amount of brokers, clients and customers. We can not update you individually if a general issue arises. This will send you an email that we post on our home page. We used this for updating emergency, holidays and ANYTHING new that will effect you and your orders.
  •   Covid Hours. Please note our Covid Hours throughout the site. We have shorten our business hours to accommodate less staff working here. We appreciate you working within those allotted hours. Although we might be here before or after hours, we need those extra hours to work on our paperwork and to process our orders. If we are required to help you in the lobby after hours, it does take part of the time we made to process orders. Like the rest of the world, we are working within a smaller means prior to the pandemic.   Our only alternative is to bring unnecessary staff in and charge that additional labor cost into your order. We hope that is unnecessary at this time.
  • We are now charging an before or after hours delivery/drop off/pick up fee for brokers who insist on coming in when we are not open. We do not allow pick ups/drop off in the back of the warehouse. But if customer service is here and we need to open there is an additional $25 that will be added to the bill.
  • If you can, always check for order status.  We understand there are times you don’t have access to and are happy to check for you. All production flow is tracked and updated using, so when you call in, customer service is checking in to provide you the status.
  • Make sure to read the Broker Guidelines and Disclaimer prior to submitting your first order. We operate under the assumption you have reviewed the material carefully and therefore do not accept ignorance as an excuse in the case of a dispute.
  • If you have a picky customer (or are very particular yourself) always make sure to get a sew out sample to present to them prior to proceeding with full production on an embroidery order. The sew out is free if you have your digitizing done through J6 or
  • We no longer offer DTG, we just couldn’t make it profitable for wholesale.
  • Come in and be nice. Kindness goes a long way here. The average broker at J6 comes in at least once a week. You are going to deal with us a lot so please try to maintain professionalism and courtesy.
  • For those starting clothing lines who are accustomed to working with one-man garage operations, please keep in mind we have different standards of professionalism and policies to follow and respect. Get to know them and we will be able to take your line to the next level.
  • Due to the high level of pickups and drop-offs at the end of the week, Friday is a bad day to schedule a sit-down meeting to go over a PO. More than likely you will end up waiting for a few minutes before we can get to you. Coming in on any other day of the week will save you some time and avoid any delays.
  • We give brokers a certain amount of flexibility. We understand sometimes you need something quicker or cheaper or both. We can work with you but please understand that card should be pulled on a rare occasion, not on everyday orders.
  • Here is our perceptive on brokers: We believe brokers just should be more involved in the process.  We do not run our business like a promotional products company, where they walk you through the entire process and barely have the broker involved. There are tons of little factors that we do not control, but the broker does, that can change the pricing/results drastically. J6D inc. believes that having the broker more involved in the billing, in the artwork proofs, and in the product ordering stage will have a better result in their jobs. This will only enrich your sales procedure and you will become more knowledgeable in the entire process. If you’re a broker who likes to be treated like a retail customer on EVERY order, we are probably not the company for you.
  • If you’re a customer who places an order once a month or longer, it’s probably best practice to check out this site and see if there are any new posts before placing the order.
  • We ask for some discretion on your part. Please do not solicit or pass out business cards in our lobby.  We maintain your privacy as much as possible. We hope you can do the same for us. The basic question we ask, “Would you like a J6D employee to pass out their card to one of your customers in your lobby?”
  • If you send your driver, courier, or anybody else to pick up your orders, please make them a list of what they need to pick up. Our customer service reps. are there to help, but we do not know exactly what jobs you need to pick up. Most of our brokers have jobs in different production stages at the shop. We look in our done section, but sometimes jobs can be missed, especially if the job is small. There are also jobs that are just completed that our C/S might not yet be aware of. Please have your driver check all that is picked up and compare it to your list.
  • Word of advice: Your PO/Work Order for a job should explain the entire order and its all details. If the PO not written well enough to go to production, then the order will be placed on hold until we receive one.  A work order should be strong enough that it can stand on its own and not need any verbal communication on it.
  • If you need a rush and put down a date sooner than our normal turnaround time please get a WRITTEN ok by either our sales rep or dept. head. Putting a date on the PO doesn’t guarantee you that we can do it. We are production business and some times production is max out and CANNOT take any further rushes, no matter how much rush fee you offer to pay, we are sorry.