Broker Guidelines

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Guidelines And Standards for J6 Brokers

Updated 2/7/23

Below is a helpful guide for brokers in successfully navigating the production process and
understanding the specifics about what J6 Designs takes responsibility for and what the broker is responsible for. Every order place with us is binded by these guidelines and rules. Even if you did not read them prior to your order placement.

Pre-Production Rules

1. PreCounts vs PostCounts: J6 designs does not do PRECOUNT, we only do POSTCOUNTS. We feel it is the broker’s responsibility to supply the right type/amount of apparel. If you need a PRECOUNT on an order, please let us know; but keep in mind additional fees may apply for this request.


2. 3 Things for a Job:  To process a job we will need three things. 1. Artwork 2.PO/Work Order fill out. 3. The apparel at our location already sorted. Our production time does not start time until all 3 are within our possession a day after. Artwork for screen printing needs to be either in a vector format or workable file. Please get with J6 designs to check the type of file you have. Different artwork scenario requires different files. There might be additional artwork if its not correct.

***Make sure you have read our FYI page: :  ***** This will help you understand how we work internally too.


3. Embroidery Files and Samples: Digital samples can be provided upon request for newly digitized files. Digital samples are computer renderings of the embroidery and do not reflect the several variables that affect embroidery, such as fabric type, pull compensation, etc. Production will start after receiving approvals for the digital or physical sample. If the order is an exact reorder we retain the right to go production with or without digital or physical samples. If your REORDER require samples it has to be on the PO.  A sew-out sample can be requested for further approval of the embroidery if a digital is not sufficient. Sew-out samples are free ONLY for left chest logos on sample fabric. Charges will be applied if the sew-out is on apparel. If a sew-out is needed for approvals, production will be delayed up to 24-48 hours in order to produce these sew-out, which in turn will extend the order’s due date. If the embroidery files have been provided by the customer (not by J6 or Copyartwork), there is a charge of $5 for SEW-OUTS under 10k stitches, $10 for 10-20k stitches, and above, the price will be at J6 designs discretion.

There are few times a year, when we run into a job that has multiple changes from either broker’s customer or the broker during the sample/approval stage. At a certain point if the changes are so minutiae and we feel that those change might reappear during the production we will have the right to ask for a Embroider Job Wavier form to be filled out. This a production business the expectation to have 100% exact same result as the approved sample on every garment might not be possible.


4. Prior to Delivery: Please try to have a PO filled out prior to shipping or coming by with the order. This helps us quickly identify and resolve any issues we have with your order when you are here and reduces the probability of administrative errors and inconsistencies. Of course, we understand that you may need help filling out the form and we are happy to accommodate you, but please fill out as much as possible on your own.

Here is more info on that.

5. Embroidery Thread Colors: When specifying thread colors, please always use Rapos numbers; and for screen printing, always specify PMS colors. A Rapos thread chart is available on our website or in our lobby for your convenience. If you need a thread book please call Eliza 800-937-3493 and request a thread book. We do carry other thread companies (Maderia, Ackermann, and Ronbison-Anton) but those are done through special request and extra cost might occur.

6. PO only: Orders will be run based upon the information detailed on the purchase order. If the customer makes a change to the order before production, and a PO has already been submitted, it is the broker’s responsibility to submit a new PO reflecting all changes. This includes changes in the quantity, colors, locations, due date, logo design, and size. Verbal or email changes will not be taken into account; a new PO must be made and submitted.

7. Marked Boxes: Please have all boxes/bag marked with your company and PO number. If there is more than one box please indicated the box # for each box. pleased use a Black thick Sharpie marker to make sure we able to see the information from a 5-foot distance.

Here is more info on that.


8. Detail PO information: Please have all the details of the apparel color and style on the PO. We need this information to give you an accurate proof on your order. We are having small issues of Brokers not filling the incorrect information on their PO. For example, the PO will say Navy – 50 pcs with white print. Then the box will have 20 white shirts in it along with the navy. So, the artwork will proof the artwork on what is written down, then Screen Printing Dept will be hoodies) that we knew nothing about so we’ll have to rush another proof and call the broker or I’ll have to make a decision real quick. If we go through the entire proofing stage and receive all the approval on the proof, then in middle of production we have to stop production to get new approval either by email or phone call due to inaccurate information we will have to charge a 15% surcharge (of the total order cost) for the delay. The charge is a “Delay in Production” fee.

9. Resale License: Please make sure have your resale license and form  on file with us. Its your responsibility as a broker to have one on file with us. If there is no Resale license on file we need to charge tax per state law.

Here is the link to the resale form.

10. Know your Pricing:  All services such as screenprinting, embroidery has a unique prices their own price list. Its the Broker responsibility to know your cost prior to the job. We will bill the job once the job is complete we have our final numbers from our production team. We will not have any totals until its been counted and any special  requirements noted. The broker should have the color count, locations, and know if any special cost is require through the proof and doing do diligence on every order. If a broker creates a PO with cost on it, we will process the order but does NOT mean J6 designs is agreement with those prices. Our price list is the final agreement. If the broker has prices on the PO that is incorrect , it is NOT J6 responsibility to fix it or update your PO or even notify you. We will process it with our pricelist and bind the broker to that pricing.

Screen printing will ALWAYS have a screen charge. If you notice our fees are very low compare to other because the screen charge is labor charge:

This LABOR/RENTAL charge is for the rental use for the screens for your order, burning the image on the screen(s), set up charge and the chemical recycling of the screens. This price is for the labor/rental cost does not contain physical cost of a burned screen(s). We do not sell the physical screens for screen printing.

*This does not include the films cost. Film(s) are not charge but are property of J6D inc. If you like to purchase your film(s) please contact your sales rep.




11. Direct to Garment Info: We closed this department January 1 2020

12. J6 designs is not a storage company: Due to the nature of this static business we are not responsible for product that has been here over 3 months. We understand sometimes there are orders that need to place on hold or having trouble with the customer but we highly recommend to pick up the blank apparel/product. Our warehouse is constantly moving and changing and do not have resources or space to store and inventory apparel. We can not be responsible for lost or missing product for over 3 months old.

13. Embroidery Thread Colors: We have a wide collection of thread available but we do not carry every color, please check our inventory list on colors we have in stock. If you require a color that we do not have in stock , we can order it but we have a minimum of 100 pcs per color needed at no charge. Anything less than will require a SPOOL fee.

14. After Market Apparel: There are times we can not control the final product because it aftermarket product. The product has not tested like items the whole sale route. Fabric, buttons, dyes, etc are tested for heat control. We also can’t do jobs where the lost risk is too great. We consider aftermarket product anything that customer pays retail or get from a retail store. Anything that you can not using our regular wholesale market. We highly recommend only taken orders that can be replace using your normal clothing vendors. (SanMar, S&S, etc.). If we have to embroider /screenprinting a job that has a after market product, we well ask for a waiver liability before we work on it.  We no longer take aftermarket apparel unless a waiver is signed. Please refer to for more info:

15. Reorders: Our definition of a reorder is consider an exact repeat of an order without ANY changes. Changes in artwork sizes, color, thread colors or etc should be checked off as a new order. If the order is a mark as reorder we have the right to go straight to production without proofing since it has been proofed and approve before. If you do require a proof on a reorder please mention it on the PO. We can not be responsible for apparel lost if the reorder box is marked and a change was required and we have started in the production status.




16. Our Turnaround is on the home page:  We strive to have a standard turnaround time, but it is adjusted throughout the year for seasonal vicissitudes in order volume. Please check out HOME page for specific turnaround times so you are aware of any restrictions in turnaround capacity.

17. Production Loss: We rarely have any printing/embroidery loss. But this is a business where it is impossible to entirely rid the production process of all human or mechanical error. We reserve the right to have 2% loss on all orders. A min. of 1 piece per order. If J6 take responsibility (past the 2% lost) of the loss, we will credit your account the apparel cost. Cost of shipping is not included. The credit will be applied to an invoice at full cost and not after any discount are given.

a. We do reserve the right to fix the damage product before the job is consider a lost.

b. We will not purchase product directly from wholesaler.

c. We are not responsible for the shipping cost from your customer and to your customer. (or to the Broker) The broker is responsible to getting the product into our hands for any correction needed. We will not be responsible for any shipping cost that will occur.

d. As per industry standard the damage product is our property and will need to return upon pick up corrected items.

Please order accordingly, and if exact numbers must be made, order extras.

18. Embroidery Names: When we do custom names, we will default in doing them in a Uniform method. Meaning that we will pick the longest name in the group and use that for our template. This will set a standard for all names being even height. If there is a big difference the longest and shortest name you might want to do the names in the Generalization format. Please look in our download page for more info.

19. Screenprinting Basic Info: Our screen charge is reoccurring and will be charge every time you place an order. Screen charge is not a one time fee. We reserve the right increase screen count 1 – 2 up or down if we need to do a job a certain way and might require additional screens for production. We reserve the right not to contact you on this this option so not to slow down our production process.

20. MESH PRODUCT-IMPORTANT NOTE: Information printing on mesh products, we do provide this type of printing service, there are some things you should be aware of before proceeding with a job. There are many variables like ink color, product material, and artwork setup that contribute to determining the outcome of a printing job. For this reason it is not possible for us to guarantee that every hole in the mesh will be left open after the print has been made. Despite our best efforts and the high standard of quality you have come to expect from us, some sections of the mesh may have holes that are blocked. There are simply too many variables and unknowns involved in the printing and setup process to guarantee a perfect print that leaves all holes unobstructed on a mesh product. A mesh printing job requires special attention, time, material and effort to get right. For this reason we must charge a higher rate than you would expect for a standard screen printing job. It is important to understand that 99% of mesh product is polyester and we must therefore include a surcharge for the type of ink necessary to print on that type of material. Quotes for mesh printing jobs will be given on a per-job basis to insure proper attention is given to the details of your particular job. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote!

21. Polyester Ink: Due to high demand of polyester printing and the high cost of polyester ink. We will need to charge extra for polyester printing. Polyester ink fee will be added to your job automatic. If you like to default out of it, we will need a WAIVER signed. And we won’t be responsible any damages for this job even if does not concern with polyester ink.  The average cost of the polyester inks is .25-$1.00 but the price can higher or lower depending on several factors. Please confirm your price list prior to printing. If a job has a mixture of different material printed (100% cotton and polyester) we will print the whole entire in polyester inks and charge for the entire run as if the job was all polyester ink.

22. Screen printing Print Sizes: Please remember when we do a job that has different specs: different design or different sizes and different set up is required, Its J6 designs discretion how we would to charge the job as 1 whole job or different jobs. If a job is really hard to set up or there tons of issues (colors, re-organizing, inks, clean -up etc). We can choose the more expensive route to help cover cost. If the job is billed as 1 job, we will charge a color change fee (to cover the different set up cost) and all the screens use for the job.

23. Embroidery Color Scheme: We do need a min. of 6 pcs for each color scheme. We are not able to do different multiple colors for 1 or 2 pcs unless you pay a sample fee of $10-$20 each piece. If we do need to do an item that less than 6 pcs we will consider that a custom monogram order for that job.


Post Production


24. Completed Job Notice: We do not call our clients once a job is completed. Our staff is instructed to reduce the number phone calls and instructed to email most questions. We need everything in writing so everything can be clear and no misunderstanding. Once we both agree on the due date, pick up or delivery can be on or after that date/time. If you need a product earlier, call us and we will give you a status update on the order. If you have WMJ account you can check status online or should receive an email for completion.

B. We do not allow partial pick up on orders. Order have to picked in full or closed of at time of pick up.  Special Discretion can be allow for order over 1000 pcs prior to the start of  production

25 . Our shop is completely on All orders are key into the system, we highly advice ALL brokers to sign up for a free account and link our accounts together. You will be able to see your order through our production in stages and know when its complete. We ask kindly due to the numbers of jobs we process daily that you refrain in calling us on status but to check online the status of your order. On the upper right, there is a space called Quick Page, type in “53” for screenprinting and “54” embroidery. That is main page we use and its the most help..

26. Apparel purchase: J6 Designs does not supply apparel for brokers. If there is a situation where you need help in purchasing a product, we might accommodate you but there will be a surcharge of 20+% over the cost of the apparel.

27. Payment Due: Payment is due on receipt. No terms are given to new brokers unless they are existing clients and arrangements have to be made PRIOR to the start of the job. Most terms will be denied, so please do not expect terms and plan other wise.

28. Broker Privacy: We believe our broker privacy is one of our biggest concern and for that reason we do not allow brokers to have their client pick up their job at our location. We want to make sure our broker’s clients do not know who we are and where we are located. We made  alots of efforts in containing that information. We ask kindly to help us avoid that uncomfortable situation that can occur if your customer come by and pick up and if there is an issue.


Artwork / Digitizing


29. 3rd Party Digitizer: We DO NOT have any quality control for digitizing provided by third parties unless adjustments are specifically requested by the broker. Always make sure to verify quality prior to production.

30. J6 and CopyArtwork: J6 Designs and are two entirely separate organizational entities that do not have any collaboration or formal processes of interaction. Please do not expect one to have any idea about something you may have going on with the other one.

31. CopyArtwork Role: If artwork/digitizing is done by, please be sure to send it to us. We will not take the design from for you. This is to insure that you have the opportunity to review and proof the digitizing/artwork before production.

32. PMS colors: We do not guarantee the accuracy of PMS colors. We can get very close, but there are too many variables to control for during production that might slightly affect the outcome. We live to reserve the right to be off by 1 shade above or below the PMS chart.

33. Embroidery Files Release: We have no problem in releasing your embroidery file if your account is current. Please contact the accounting dept. to make sure. We will release most files in the EMB format and do not supply any file or color conversion. One we release the files to you, you release us of an liability for any errors that might occur. We highly recommend you do a sew out and confirm quality and colors prior to production. Please remember embroidery files sew out different on different machine might have different results. For your convenience, we recommend to download a free version of Wilcom TruSizer. This software can be used to open the EMB files and make any file  conversion format you require.

34. Broker Roles vs J6 Roles: We do help in processing your orders and do give some advice in certain matters, but we do not help in determining aesthetic issues like colors or styling. That is an entirely subjective matter between you and your client. Feel free to ask for our opinion but please be aware that we cannot assist with small details. Unfortunately , there may be cases where we would be forced to charge retail pricing when there is extensive consulting and advice requested in the ordering and production process. We are more than happy to accommodate brokers that may need more help, but additional costs may be incurred for this additional service.

35. Pantone Book:  Its highly suggested that you purchase your own Pantone Book. Its a necessity in this business. Make sure you purchase the coated version. The artwork dept we will return screen printing proofs in PMS #’s or PRE MIX colors from the screen printing ink companies. Please make sure to preview the PMS color or ink on your proof to make sure they are accurate.

36. Separation charge: We do basic separations at no extra charge. The file has to be in a vector format print ready. True Process color, Simulated process, and Index separations are a different process and will require extra cost to separate artwork. Cost is base per job basis.




37. Rapos Thread Charts: We have Free PO booklets available at our office which you are welcome to take. We also 2 version of Rapos Thread Charts: a free paper color copy and an actual thread chart. The actual thread chart is hard to get; it would be far more expedient for you to call Rapos , open an account, and have them send you a free thread chart.

24414 S. Main St. #207
Carson, CA 90745
Tel: 310-830-0501, Fax: 310-830-0515
Toll Free: 800-937-3493

38. Spool Inventory: You can go to our download section at the download and download “Spool Inventory.” This spread sheet shows the colors we have in stock; we update this list 2-3 times a year and add colors on occasion.