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At J6 Designs we have been able to transform the way we operate by using Wheresmyjob.com for job tracking and production flow. Implementing this system has allowed us to free up a lot of resources previously wasted on redundancies and menial administrative tasks. We believe this system is the future and is well on its way to becoming the industry standard for printing shops.

Our entire shop is tracked and managed in the cloud and all you have to do to get access to this information is sign up for the FREE account. We have moved to the point where we are requiring brokers to sign up for the free account as part of the requirement for entering the Broker Program. The free account allows you to create and track orders through one user portal, effectively eliminating the need for countless emails and phone calls. This system makes our organization and processes transparent to you as a broker, and this is part of what gives us a competitive advantage.

We are pushing our brokers to sign up and get status through Wheresmyjob.com. As labor goes up in California these small avenues will help maintain printing/embroidery cost at a lower level. If we need to maintain an hourly paid person to let you know your jobs are done or in progress than we need to past the cost needs your orders. WMJ will help decrease those cost.

To put it simply, Wheresmyjob.com helps us keep costs down and those savings are passed on to our brokers.

New features are added to Wheresmyjob.com every month to continually improve its usefulness for our brokers. If you have any issues or concerns using the system, please let us know so it can be further developed.