Holiday 2023 Update

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It’s been awhile since we had a small shop update and we figure this is a good time for a one on one. As the holiday season is coming, we recommend you start sending reminders to your customers to get their order in for the holiday season. 

Most of the year hasn’t been as busy as the year before and we are able to accommodate a lot of your orders on tight deadlines throughout the year. However we do see some kind of surge coming for the holidays, so please get your orders in as early as possible. 

We do feel that screen printing is in good shape right now; We have hired several new employees for the Christmas Rush and are trying to max our production potential.

Embroidery is doing ALOT better than the years before but this process is always slower and takes longer to complete.  

I would suggest if you have embroidery customers to get those orders in earlier than normal just to be safe. 

 It’s a little too early to give any cut off dates or any major warnings but we think it’s safe to assume we will receive a mass amount of orders that are bottleneck like we always do during November and December holiday seasons. We always have a cut off date and unfortunately have to turn down work because we can’t make firm deadlines.  We try our hardest not too since we know it’s a loss of money for both parties. 

Holiday Hours will be out soon too. 


Thank you for your time.

Rick H