Updated Discharge Printing Policy – 9/28/23

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We are reviewing our Discharge ink policy and noticed that we need changes to it. We realized that we have been charging wrong and implementing it incorrectly.


As of today 9/28/23 any orders with Discharge inks will have to be charged according to these updates.


  1. 24-95 pcs orders:  We can’t offer any type of discharge inks printing.
  2. 96-199 orders: Can only have 1 discharge ink or have discharge base ONLY and plastisol ink on top. 
  3. 200-+ orders: The discharge ink charge is going to be charged per color / per location. For example, if a job is 1/7 all in discharge ink, there will be x8 times charge on the discharge inks. 


As a reminder, discharge ink can never be an exact color match to original art but we try our best to get close. Please remind your customer that colors are close but might have muddier looking results.


We will have an updated price list reflecting these changes soon.


Discharge printing is a timely and costly process. Mixing the inks and testing the results to make sure it matches the original art sometimes takes days to do correctly. The ink itself is a soft acid that damages the screens and results in purchasing new screens. The mixed inks are one time used and can not be stored for later use which results in supply waste. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank You