Christmas Deadline 2023

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I hope you had a good holiday and spent a relaxing time with your family.

We have been asked several times today to see what our cutoff dates for Christmas are. 

It’s hard to tell exactly what the month is going to look like yet but we do have a rough idea. Due to Christmas falling on a Monday this year, it cut off 2-3 extra days of production we would normally have. 

Embroidery orders needed  BEFORE Christmas, we will need the order in by no later than 12/8.  This only gives 9 working days to process your order.

Screen Printing orders needed BEFORE Christmas, we will need the order in by no later than 12/12. This only gives 7 working days to process your order.

*Any orders that require finishing or additional services will need to be in sooner than those dates. 

**This is a rough estimate, if we get busier than expected, we might cut off sooner.  If we get slower we can extend the time.

The closer the the date comes to the deadline date the closer it will be keyed for the last day of pick up which is 12/21. Please talk to your customer and make sure there are no Christmas parties or dates we need to be aware of or it might not be possible to make those dates.  

Orders given after those dates will be keyed after Christmas pick up.. 

As a reminder we are close on 12/22 and 12/25 and will be back open on 12/26

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you

J6 Designs Customer Service