Step 5: Getting your order ready

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Great! You have your first order with us!

Here is a checklist of things to ensure it can be properly processed:

  1. Do you have a free account in Is the account linked to the J6 Designs account? The instructions should be in your Intro Email.
  2. Are you drop shipping the product or bringing it to the shop yourself? If you are drop shipping please make sure the PO matches the PO name you are using. If you are dropping off the product, are the boxes marked with a thick black sharpie including PO and YOUR company name.  Please mark the number of boxes.
  3. Fill out the PO either using your PO method or using one of our  S/P or Emb POs. Orders cannot be processed without a properly filled PO. You can also create a PO by using your account and linking it to us. Make sure to print it and attach it to the box.
  4. Let us know if you have special instructions for this order, i.e., rare location placements, unique colors beyond the normal PMS, picky retail customer, etc.  Make sure it’s on your PO AND Tell us verbally or email us to confirm. We understand it’s on the PO, but sometimes we need that extra reminder to help us.

Here is more info:

Job Info

  1. Make sure that the job name is listed on the PO.  Personal invoice or PO numbers do nothing to indicate what we are printing.
  2. Keep in mind the turnaround time doesn’t start until we have apparel and artwork.  If we don’t get artwork until the day before the requested due date, or if there are numerous revisions, the due date will either be delayed, or there will be a rush fee added on to keep the original date.
  3. If you have multiple orders and are dropping the apparel off at the same time, please separate it and label their own boxes so we can remove less chance of errors happening. If you are having it shipped in one big shipment, we
    need a size and quantity break down of each order. (additional charge may apply for the labor to separate)

Apparel Details

  1. Need apparel styles, colors, and sizes.  If there are adult and youth sizes, we need to know if you want multiple print sizes.  If we find out mid-production that there are youth sizes and we need a different print size to make it work, it creates a costly delay and chaos. There is a 10% Delay in Production Fee indicated on the disclaimer that they approved.
  2. Please make sure the PO lists specific details for print locations and print colors (ie. “Royal Blue” not “Blue” or “Left Chest” not just “Front”)
  3. Need print sizes and colors if possible.  If you are unsure, that’s fine we can pick it out for you. But please make sure to mention that on the PO.
  4. If the apparel was dropped off, please verify what was dropped off.  (make sure to recount everything, and make sure that there aren’t shirt colors or styles that are not indicated on the PO).
  5. If it is being shipped, please provide a tracking number and details of the products being shipped.
  6. If there are multiple orders, and the apparel is being dropped off, please separate them and label the boxes.  If the order is being shipped in one big shipment, provide a size and quantity break down of each order.


  1. On PO please mention if this job a reorder, or new order? If it’s new, where is the artwork? Did they already email it? Do you have it on a flash drive? Please let us know.
  2. In addition to receiving the apparel and PO, we need the artwork for the turnaround time clock to start.  The art department does not have time to constantly ask for the artwork.  Artwork needs to be sent when it is available.  If it isn’t print ready, and we have to either vectorize(for an extra fee) it or make edits to the file we receive, the turnaround time doesn’t start until that’s complete and approved.


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