Step 4: Get to know us (and let’s us get to know you)

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After reading all the information in the Broker Packet and (hopefully) choosing us as your production resource, get to know us! We think this is an important step prior to placing your first order.

Once you enter the J6 Broker Program you are family to us. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading retention rate for brokers. Our guiding philosophy has always been to ensure the success of our brokers’ businesses by making them look good to their customers. When our brokers get more orders, we get more orders.

Our most successful brokers are ones that realize their relationship with the production shop is a two-way street. Even though they maintain the “customer is always right” principle when dealing with their clients, they do not expect us to have the same attitude toward them, because they realize the importance of maintaining honest and flexible relations with their production service.

For example, there are times when a broker comes to us with a job that is not going to turn out good due to production capabilities or limitations inherent in the process itself. We need to be able to communicate openly about these issues and have them taken seriously – this requires that you trust our judgment and are capable of properly mediating these concerns to your client.

Being a broker is not always as easy as it first seems; it requires a lot of work and balancing skills. The successful brokers are the ones that realize this and are eager to take on the challenge.

Let us know about any past experience you may have with other vendors. Please be candid. If there are specific reasons why you left, we need to know so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Let us know any pet peeves you have and if there are special instructions you need to be followed for your orders.We understand that every broker has unique needs and we do everything we can to accommodate them. Communication of your needs is the key to building this relationship.

Get to know our staff. Each of them has a different responsibility and are there to help you. Knowing each person’s particular role will save you a lot of time and frustration when trying to get something done.


OPEN : Office Manager -Customer Service Rep (Full time). She is here to provide customer service support to all clients who call or come to the office. She came from another shop and has a lot of experience in this industry. She is here to help quote, email or take your orders in. She is the main contact for any shipping out issues you may have.


OPEN : Accounting/Customer Service Rep:  She comes from a different job background but has filled the past accounting shoes from other past employees tremendously. Her main role is accounting and billing. SHe comes from a family of accountants and is literally in her blood. She enters all the billing info daily info. If you have any billing question, please contact her directly. She will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction if needed.


OPEN : Customer Service Rep (Full time). Please meet Bryant. Most of you will when you walk in or call in. He is new to this industry but is an amazingly quick learner. He is here to provide customer service and first contact help to all clients who call or come to the office. He has an amazing attitude and you will love working with him.


Alexa: Embroidery Embellishment Manager:  She enters all embroidery orders (WMJ). She is in charge of proper proofing protocol and will be able to answer any embroidery production questions you may have. She is the liaison to the production team on the shop floor. She has been here for over a year knows this business quite now.

[email protected]


Blaine: Head Customer Service Representative for, and He will be happy to assist with these websites and has his own phone line.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone line: 909-605- 6887.


Andrew: Art Department. Andrew is head of the art department and will be the primary contact for processing your artwork and Proofing needs.

Please do not send order directly to him . Please send all orders to [email protected]

[email protected]


Rick: Rick has stepped away from most customer service responsibilities and is helping in the background. If you need to contact him for technical questions or questions that customer service cannot help, please reach out to him at [email protected]


** We created all-in-one customer service email which helps if you do not know who to email: [email protected]

There are many others that help to make your orders a reality, these are just the main points of contact.


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