Step 2: Contact us

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Once you have determined your company meets the criteria outlined in Step 1 to join the broker program, take a moment to send us an email with the following details so we can

provide you with the Broker Packet.

  • Please fill out resale form and attach a copy of you resale license. Without this we will have to charge higher rates and apply taxes. Discounts will NOT be provided on past orders that have been paid prior to providing a resale license. Here is the link to the resale form.
  • Company name and description. Please include websites and a little detail on the nature of your business. This information will help us make special recommendations that are customized to your particular industry.

Send your email to [email protected] and our broker support team will be in touch with you right away!

If you just need a quote, we need the resale form and copy of license before we can do that. We protect our existing brokers and can’t give our prices to the public without necessary paperwork.



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