Step 1: Are you a Broker?

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The J6 Designs Broker Program is designed to give you all the information and guidance you need to partner with us in growing your broker business.

The first step toward joining our family of brokers is to make sure you meet certain criteria to be considered a broker. This is important because we have different criteria than other vendors you may have worked with in the past.

Both of these requirements MUST be met to qualify as a broker:

  •  Be a company that re-sells product and not an end user
  •  Be positioned as a middle man that purchases our services and resells them to a third party at a profit

We are very protective of our brokers’ privacy and their right to their current position in the market with other brokers. We reserve the right to decline applications if we feel it threatens the position of an existing brokers. We reserve the right to close an account for any reason.

Typical broker businesses:

  • Clothing Lines
  • Screen print shops
  • Embroidery shops
  • Sign Shops
  • Print shops
  • Promotional sellers (ASI, PPAI, etc.)
  • Trophy Shops
  • Broker Distributors
  • Marketing Agency

What is my Role as a Broker?

Many of ours brokers are new to the industry and starting a new business. If you are starting a new clothing line or do not have experience in this industry there can be some customer service shock to you.  The  “retail” mentality does NOT apply to J6 to a broker business relationship. Once you have decided we are your printers/embroiderers you have to view as a manufacturer of your product.  This business cannot be compared to a shop in the mall or any retail business. Manufacturing and Retail businesses are 2 different types of business, it’s an apple and orange comparison. We are a widget making company like any other company and there are certain industry standards that you need to know. They are all covered in broker guidelines and rules. The number one responsibility for brokers is to know them as much as we know them. Not reading or taking the time to know them does not mean you are not covered.

We have the understanding that if you are successful broker, we become successful with you. There has to be an understanding that we are on the same page before the first order is placed. If your company is beyond one person, we prefer to have only one point of contact for everything.  If we are dealing with more than one contact, a lot of miscommunication can and will happen.

We have over 20 years of experience in this industry. Our employees add up to over 300 years of experience.  We have dealt with 100’s of brokers and we formulated a process so everything can streamline to keep the cost down. Our prices are carefully formulated so they can usually be up charge to 50-200% on the retail side, but part of the savings is because the broker has responsibilities they need to keep cost down.

Being a broker is a business and there is a job/cost to it.  To become a successful broker is hard work and its learning how to juggle between 2 worlds, retail and broker.  We feel we have one of the highest retention records for maintaining broker relationships in this industry. That means once we start working together and we are on the same page you will love us and know we are your printers for life!

If you believe your company belongs in our J6 Broker Program please move on to Step 2.

If you are a high volume retail customer, please contact us to discuss other options.


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