“Your Logo Here” Mask are ready!

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Due to the current health situation and the incredibly high demand, good quality face masks at a good wholesale price has proven difficult to find in the current market place. In order to have control and provide a good quality face mask, we decided to make our own face masks. We fabricated some in-house face masks for our brokers so they can use them as samples to their clients for potential orders. Please feel free to drive by to get some sample face masks or ask for some on your next order. We want to provide a way for our brokers to advertise their services hence these sample face masks are completely free.

These masks are printed on both sides, one with embroidery and one with screen printing, with “Your Logo Here” logo so clients can see the results of both prints on our material.


Please check out other post for more information or contact us.

Custom Face Mask Available for Wholesale Use