Custom Face Mask Available for Wholesale Use

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We know everyone is either selling, making, or distributor face mask out there but we been asked by several of our customers to help supply blank and custom face masks for them. We tried to find several wholesale options but could not has a sturdy supply chain or the price has been marked up too high for any resale purpose

We decided to make our own. Only black and navy masks are available at this moment but we hoped to expand our range. Custom Color will need an 800-1200 pcs minimum.

Update 5/7/20

We just purchase a Navy Fabric Roll. We will have Navy Face Mask for custom orders or Blank Masks but they will have to be made to order. No extra inventory in stock as of now.


There are 2 options available for wholesale route:

  1. Blank face mask sew together and ready to go.  Buy 1 or 10000. No minimum requirement.
  2. We have a non-assemble mask that can be screen printed multiple colors or embroidery without showing the backing.  We can process your order like a normal job and then finish sewing the mask together.


Price for our brokers are:

$4.00 for over 1000 pcs

$4.50 for over 100-999 pcs

$5.00 for less than 100 pcs

This price is for the blank mask either finish or we can print or embroidery and sew them together after.

The imprint price will be based on your broker prices. So please refer to your price list to figure the printing cost.

Please remember each side of the mask is considered a 1 location hit. So if you need both sides its consider a 2 location hit and will be charged accordingly.


When you ready to place an order please use the Face Mask PO.


The Face Mask will come in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

If you have received an example, most likely it was in a Large size.

We created the other 2 sizes to help fit youth (SMALL) and smaller faces (MEDIUM) such as ladies.  See the spec sheets if you need the sizing information.


We are planning to created different styles of face mask. So to help with this confusion, we are going to name our face mask names to different style names. The first mask we created is going to be called the “Hooper”.

As soon as the 2nd mask is ready to launch we will announce it and let you know its name!

Washing instructions: These masks can be machine washed or hand washed but we advise customers to air dry these masks.


As this project is ongoing, please refer to this page for daily updates. We have the mask production and ready for your orders.


Here is the Spec Sheet for the “Hopper” Face Mask:

Hopper Mask Material Information

The Black mask is a 3 layer mask, here the material information:

  • 1st Layer is Black 65/35 Poly/Cotton
  • 2nd Layer is Black 2.5oz 100% Cotton
  • 3rd Layer is Black 65/35 Poly/Cotton

The Navy mask is a 3 layer mask, here the material information:

  • 1st Layer is Navy 100% Cotton
  • 2nd Layer is Black 2.5oz 100% Cotton
  • 3rd Layer is Navy 100% Cotton




Here is are some picture of the final assembly for the Hooper Mask.