Winter is Coming!

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Hey Everyone!


It’s been awhile since we had a small shop update and we figure this is a good time for a one on one. As the holiday season is coming, we recommend you start sending reminders to your customers to get their order in for the holiday season. The supply chain and inventory is still not 100% back, as many of you know, and manpower is not as stable as it was a few years ago.


We do feel screen printing is in good shape right now; we’ve been averaging 6-8 business days for the last a couple months. However, as everyone knows here, it can change overnight.


Embroidery, on the other hand, has had hurdles continuously. We have been averaging a longer turnaround in this department. We are continually searching for people for the last 2 years and it’s like finding a needle in the haystack for right person to join our team


I would suggest if you have embroidery customers to get those orders in earlier than normal just to be safe. 


It’s a little too early to give any cut off dates or any major warnings but we think it’s safe to assume we will receive a mass amount of orders that are bottleneck like we always do during November and December holiday seasons. We always have a cut off date and unfortunately have to turn down work because we can’t make firm deadlines. 


As for everything on here, we seem to be holding with employees (but always looking for more), our suppliers seem to have inks and thread in stock, the apparel vendors are not too bad as it was before. I do feel like we are in a more stable position than we were the 1-2 years before but hope the economy does get stronger and not weaker which might change everything. 


We do have equipment changes coming in 2023 and will update you as soon as they are confirmed.  We do hope the APP will come next year and we might have some new faces for the front office soon.


Thank you for your time.

Rick H