Updates to the screen printing department… 11-9-2017

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Updates to the screen printing department…

Throughout the year we often look at our procedures and see where we can improve and be more efficient.  We’ve recently experienced a major personnel change in our screen printing department and are taking this opportunity to make some procedural changes as well.

The first major change is with our ink system. Since we started business we’ve mixed inks the old fashion way; we eyeball it and get as close as we can. This method always has slight inconsistencies and a large margin of error. By mixing the ink manually there were no formulas to follow and the chance of us making the exact same ink again was nearly impossible. We are now shifting to a formula based process that is similar to what you get when you go to Home Depot and have them mix paint. All PMS colors will be formula based so the first order and all subsequent reorders will produce the same result.  With that being said, with this new system some colors may differ slightly from orders that have already been processed.  The ink colors will match the Pantone Solid Coated color system and not what we have done in the past (which in theory should be very close). Pay close attention to the colors listed on your proof sheets as these are the PMS numbers we will be using for our formulas.  Please be aware that if you have any reorders with PMS colors, there is a potential for a slight difference in the print color of the reorder than the original order.  Prints that use our stock QCM brand of colors will not be affected as those inks come premixed by the manufacturer.

In addition, we are working at decreasing our turnaround time.  Within the next couple of weeks you will see our turnaround cut in half on most orders.


If you have question or concerns on this process please let us know.