Updates 4/19

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We have small updates on our shop since getting into our busy season. We wanted to give everyone some update on what is going here.

1. We are doing patches on hats on a special sewing machine rather than our embroidery machines from now on. This will help our turnaround time on for the embroidery dept. The sewing machine will give more precise hit and be closer to the marrow edges.

2. We have increase productivity on our Finishing Dept. We now have more machines as well as qualified seamstresses. If you do finishing elsewhere, please give us opportunity to quote your services.

3. We place an order for a 12 color press and will begin utilizing it in the beginning of July. We will have a day or 2 where production will be down due to maintenance being done on our machines. We pick the slowest week of the summer so it should not effect our turnaround drastically. Please keep an eye for more updates as we get closer.

4. With this new press, this will cause an update on our screen printing price list. Once we have the press, we will announce new prices. We have not increase the price since January 2020 and as this moment Covid in Southern California seems to in more control . We feel this would perfect opportunity to do the yearly increase at the moment. We do expect a 2-5% increase.

5. At this moment we have no plans to get help in the front, so we are asking our brokers to use WMJ and emails for information.  We running as a tight as we can in customer service dept and have limited amount resources. Our hours are limited until we get more people. If after/before pick up or drop off is required, we are charging a $25 fee for this convinces.

6. We do not expect to raise embroidery prices on July; S/P may increase but can’t guarantee at this moment.  We are watching numbers and hoping we can wait till the 2022 increase.

7. A couple local shops have close down and we have increase our staff with higher experience people, this should open up our turnaround time in future