Updated LOWER Price List for Face Mask! 8/7/20

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The face mask market is changing daily and we are doing our best to keep with our competitors.  As you see in your mailbox daily, prices are dropping, mostly due to the the oversea market bringing the price down.
We are sharping our pencil and bringing down our pricing for basic face mask down as well. We offer a FLAT rate no matter the quantity order, similar to other clothing vendors out there.

Since we control our manufacturing, we have gain the flexibility to work with you in creating custom face masks. If you need the straps longer or if you would like an un-assemble face mask for printing purposes, we have the ability to do this. Unlike other secondary apparel vendors, we are able to custom produce face mask specifically made to YOUR liking.
Please remember, our selling point of our face mask that it can be YOUR face mask with the right packing and it’s made in the USA, not overseas. We are flexible on quantity and do not need to purchases in packs of 25 or 12. We offer individual packaging or we can follow a certain specification your customer may want.

Please check out the link below for the our update lower price:

More info at our face mask website: