UPDATED Embroidery Price List – 3/1/21

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Dear Brokers

During the beginning of the year, we made a few small changes to do the embroidery price list, mostly with 1-5 pcs orders and the higher stitch count. We heard feedback from you and realize that there was too big of a price jump for higher stitch count. So we moved the 20000-24999 price to a lower price tier and kept the pricing for 25K and higher. This us controlling the pricing on jobs that have a high stitch count, most notably for jacket back size. Jacket embroidery require more material and takes longer to process.

We feel this is a middle ground on the pricing, however if you have questions or comments please let us now.

If you like the new price list email to you let us know. Or if next you are in our lobby, you are more than welcome to grab a copy of the updated embroidery price list. 

Thank you
J6 customer service.