Screen Printing: Smaller Delays and Supply Chain Issues 8/30/2021

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We are sending weekly updates on the status screen printing dept.  Thank you for following us and understanding

As you know, everyone is dealing with labor, supplies and apparel issue. We are getting some quicker turnaround as we implement our new 12 color press more in more.

See the home page of PRIOR to place an order with us.

We were hoping to be in a better spot as the weeks go on. Our time has decrease as best it might be for the rest of the year, depending on how this industry.

Please expect every job to be late and not match WMJ due as of now.  It’s vital that if you have time sensitive jobs, please let customer service know. We will do what we can for you on those type of orders.

There are lot of rumor of inks running out. As of now don’t worry we are working with our suppliers and have been purchasing 3-5x more than normal to make we have the supplies we need. We have been purchasing higher end lines to make sure we have the inks and supplies to continue you doing your job.


If the supply chain is not fix soon there might be a possibly of an extra surcharge in the future. Similar to what happen on delivery charges when gas prices increases. We will let you know as soon as we know what is happening. 


We apologize for the this huge inconvenience. We appreciate your patience with us during this rough time.