Saturday Hours starting 1/28/17

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As 2017 starts we have implemented some new changes and will be experimenting with a few different things. Starting 1/28/17, Customer Service will be open from 8am-11:30am on Saturdays. We will not have any planned production and our art team members will not be on hand.. Nor will this be a permanent feature that we will be providing at this time..

Please call Friday or Saturday morning to confirm if we are open. At this moment we are having Saturdays open per basis on our customer service personal schedule. Not all Saturdays will be open. Any situation that requires management will have to be pushed back to the following Monday please.

Just a small reminder, If you are coming by to pick up please check WMJ for status prior.

This is a courtesy for our customers to help with the ability to drop off or pick up orders, please respect our customer service time and show up early, with questions and product. Please note.. any major issues will cause this courtesy program to close.

Thank you! 🙂