New Hours, Holiday Hours, and 2021 Price List!!

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Dear Brokers,

What a year! If you are still with us, thank you for all of your business throughout this year!  Without your loyalty, it would have been impossible to stay in business this year.  We had to do a lot of soul searching like you probably did. We did everything we could to keep the doors open and keep as many employees as we can. And we still have to worry about California’s minimum wage, along with suppliers’ cost and other factors, going up quarterly and yearly.

2020 Hours

From 11/30 till 12/23, we are going to open for an extra hour. We understand it’s going to be busy and everyone needs more time. 

Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

After the Holidays, we will re-evaluate if we go back to the normal Covid Hours (9am-3pm) or stay the same. 


2020 Holiday Season

We will have a ½ day (12pm) for a company lunch on 12/18 Friday.

We will be closed Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of December

We will be closed Thursday 31st  of December and Friday 1st of January


2021 Price Info:

The good news is MAJORITY of our prices are NOT going up at the beginning of the year. Please request your new price through or when you come by.  We are planning to wait till Mid 2021 to reevaluate and see if we need to raise costs. We believe we need to get back “normal” before we can do an increase. 

With that being said, we do have 3 major changes in pricing. On our embroidery prices, we had a major increase for orders of 1-5 pcs.  The amount of labor of doing small orders is becoming harder and time-consuming which causes us to raise the price drastically. We eventually will have a job cost minimum in the next price list.  Around $15-$20 per job we will estimate. 

Second major change for embroidery is that our quantity break numbers are slightly different and we broke the 10000-17500 and 17501-25000 price breaks into 3 different sections. We feel the first section 10000-17500 is too big of a range and broke it up 10000-14999, 15000-19999, and 20000-25000. You will notice a price jump for orders that was 15000-17500 stitches since we will have a new price range for that. 

Screen Printing- We did not change anything other than reducing the cost of polyester ink add on.

Vinyl- We did update this with bigger numbers compared to the past. Please review and let us know if you have issues. We would love to keep the same prices as we have done in the years prior, however that is an unrealistic goal. We have changed our pricing to help stay in business and we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. If there are orders that we do on a yearly basis with you, please expect to have a small yearly increase to stabilize the higher wages California has implemented to raise their minimum wage until 2022. Please feel free to contact me or any of my customer service representatives with any questions you may have and ask for your new price list ASAP.

Thank you again and we hope to work with you on all your projects in 2021. 

Thank you!

Rick h.