NEW DTS Machine in Service!- 2/9/23

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This year is coming with changes in the screen printing dept. One of the new changes we are doing is going filmless and burn our screen using a direct to screen (DTS)  machine. For those who do not know what this is;  In the screen printing process once the artwork is approved, Our art dept. will have to print films using a wide format printer for each color of the design. And from there the film will be used in the screen burning process. 


This new machine will remove this step and print the separation image onto the screen without the use of any films. This will help save waste and space for our business.  It’s an eco-friendly way to do business.


That being said, all our old films are going to be obsolete and no longer needed.  We are planning to destroy the film using a professional shredding business. That will protect my broker’s client privacy. We are planning to start on March 1st 2023.


A couple things to note.


  1. Please be aware there was NEVER a film charge on your invoices and the films did belong to J6D inc. You always had the opportunity to purchase them right after the job was completed. Most did not take this option to keep the invoice cost down.
  2. All reorders are going to be burned using this new process. Most designs will be very close to the past orders and on most graphics it will look better. That being said there might be some minutiae changes on certain reorders. In our opinion 99.99% of RETAIL customers won’t notice the difference but if you do have a picky customer you might want to give them heads up prior to their REORDER.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us ASAP to address them.


Thank you

Rick H.