Industry Loss rate and Aftermarket product… 6/15/17

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Sometimes we like to use these posting to spotlight issues that sometimes get forgotten. I want to talk to you about our loss rate and take in aftermarket product. We consider aftermarket product anything that customer pays retail or get from a retail store. Anything that you cannot purchase using our regular wholesale market. (I.e. SanMar, S&S Activewear and AlphaBroder)

We highly recommend only taken orders that can be replace using your normal clothing vendors. (San Mar, S&S, etc.)

We are a production business and we feel we have one of the lowest loss rates in the industry but sometimes there are losses in the production business. We have a normal industry standard of 2% loss or min. of 1 pcs. We will enforce on most occasion.  There are plenty of times, we damage a product and we will replace it if we can get hold of the product without you knowing it. We try to avoid this issue if we can.

If it’s an aftermarket product that we can not replace using SanMar, Alphabroder or S&S Activewear, you will have to sign our aftermarket product waiver.

Our advice is to be proactive and have your clients sign waiver releasing you from liability of the entire order. If we have embroidery or screen printing job that we feel is too expensive and its aftermarket and our loss risk too great well ask for a waiver liability before we work on it.

Please understand doing a $50 printing job with the apparel costing $2000 retail is not cost-effective to our business model. We understand their risk in doing orders but there has to some kind of limit to our liability for us to stay in business.

Some of this information is on our broker guidelines but we wanted to refresh this issue. Please note also the shipping info that also important..

Here is exactly what it says:

“We rarely have any printing/embroidery loss. But this is a business where it is impossible to entirely rid the production process of all human or mechanical error. We reserve the right to have a 2% loss on all orders. A min. of 1 piece per order. If J6 take responsibility (past the 2% loss) of the loss, we will credit your account the apparel cost. Cost of shipping is not included. We do reserve the right to fix the damaged product before the job is to consider a lost. We will not purchase the product directly from the wholesaler. We are not responsible for the shipping cost from your customer and to your customer. (or to the Broker) The broker is responsible to get the product into our hands for any correction needed. We will not be responsible for any shipping cost that will occur. As per industry standard, the damaged product is ours and will need to return upon pick up corrected items. Please order accordingly, and if exact numbers must be made, order extras. The credit will be applied to an invoice at full cost and not after any discount is given. We are no longer taking aftermarket product from our brokers without a liability waiver being signed. We consider aftermarket product any product is not from S&S Activewear, Alphabroder or Sanmar. You can get the waiver here: Please review outpost for more info and explanations: :…et-product-61517”