Embroidery Samples……Fee or No Fee?

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As the California Legislation debates on minimum wage increase, we unfortunately have to go back and tighten up certain company policy that we were lax on and that cost the company money. The area we’re looking to is our embroidery samples policy.  We encourage our brokers to make samples on all their jobs to make sure the quality and colors are correct. We will provide free physical samples (if asked) to customers who directly use J6 Designs or Copyartwork.com. Customers who provide files from other companies will have to be charged due to the fact that we do not make any money with the digitizing and should not be liable for quality issues on the embroidery. In our broker guidelines our policy states:

“If the embroidery files have been provided by the customer, (not by J6 or Copyartwork) there is a charge of $5 for SEW- OUTS under 10k stitches, $10 for 10k-20k stitches, and above, pricing will be at J6 Designs’ discretion.”

If you have any concerns or question, please contact management.