DTG Price list change-4/14/16 effective today.

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We are reaching our one-year anniversary of providing DTG services here at J6 Designs. We cried a lot, we screamed a lot, and we scratched our heads a lot; but in the end we were able to learn a few things.

One of the things we’ve learned recently is that it is more expensive than initially thought to do large prints that use a lot of white ink. As you may know, the ink used for the DTG process is significantly more costly than the inks used for screen printing, or any other printing process for that matter. The current price list is good, but we have found that we lose money when doing large prints on dark garments due to the high level of white ink required. We have no choice to adjust the price list.

The price list adjustment will only affect orders that require over 5 cc of ink per print. For prints that exceed the 5 cc limit, we will charge $1 per cc over 5. When the art department sends a proof of your job they will include the number of cc required for the print. You can use that information and our price table to calculate pricing for each order. As an example, if you receive a proof that says CYMK .80cc and 7.20cc of white, the total cc required is 8. You will then go to the price list and look at the quantity. You have to add $3.00 ($1.00 a cc after 5.00) to the price list listed.

We realize this may complicate things when trying to quote your customer, but the only alternative is to raise prices across the board and we don’t want to do that. We want to provide a pricing solution that affects only those types of jobs costing more to print. Since we are providing a broker service and not retail, we know that even small changes in pricing make a big difference, and this is an effort to ensure our pricing is fine-tuned to reflect actual costs instead of a guesstimate.

To avoid misquoting your customers for jobs with large images on colored garments, I would suggest emailing us the artwork and specifications first so we can send you the cc count. If you do not have the price list make sure to contact customer service and request one.