DTG Price Increase – starting March 1st

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It been 3 years since we started offering wholesale DTG . We learn a lot and we love the process! We are firm believers that DTG is going to be part of this process for many years and not a fad.  If you been to a current ISS show, you can see the DTG influence throughout different medias.

Unfortunately the process is a lot more expensive than we ever hope. The cost of inks are still higher than the cost of blood from the Red Cross!  We have been running DTG as negative income for the last 3 years, We had a hard choice of closing the dept or raising the prices. We choice to raise the price drastically as a last ditch effort to make this department profitable. This effort will hopefully thwart closing this department alittle longer than we have to.

Please contact your customer representative for your new DTG price list starting March 1 2018.

We hope you understand this a hard business decision for us and we hope you continue use us for your DTG needs.

Thank you

J6 crew