DTG – New Turnaround Time 8/31/2017

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In a few months it will be 3 years into our  DTG experiment.  We hope we would have grown this dept as big as embroidery and screen printing dept with more machines, more staff, etc. but unfortunately it’s not possible. Our DTG machine was meant for high retail price, low qty environment. The ink cost is higher the cost of blood at the Red Cross! There are DTG machines that are meant for high Quantity, broker environment but those machines require a 6 figure investment. We love to invest in that but we still feel any extra resource should be funnel to the embroidery and screen printing department as of now.

We have to make some changes to the DTG dept to keep it around. One change we can do instantly is increase the turnaround time. As of now we are changing the turnaround 5-7 business days on a permanent basis. Any earlier turnaround time will require rush fees.

There will be other changes in the future and will let you know as soon as we know.

thank you again for your business and understanding on this situation.


thank you

J6 Crew