CoronaVirus Shop Status

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Dear Clients,


5/15/20 – UPDATE

Our lobby doors are open for 1 party at a time for pick or drop-offs. We hope to make the exchange quickly and efficiently as possible. We do ask that our brokers have their PO and information ready prior to dropping off. Please mark the boxes at your location prior to dropping off.

If you can send us an email or call letting us you on your way we make sure to have the billing done before you get here.

Our hours change from 9am-2pm Monday-Friday

Andrew will be working from our location starting 5/18. YAY!!





As of now, we have orders from our local police and fire, US Marshals, DA offices, LA Census, Animal Centers, Police Academy and our local hospitals and we plan to help them with their uniforms needs. We are not as essential as those brave first responders but we plan to help in our small way by staying open.

On 3/19/20, Governor Newsom, has made a voluntary stay at home notice. It is a voluntary compliance and not an official shut down order. We have spoken to our City Councilman, Independent HR, and legal counsel to decipher this confusing order. We are a very small group of employees and unfortunately, most of us can not work at home to do our job. Most of our employees do not deal with the public and have very little contact. We are planning on staying open throughout this crisis.

As long as the order is not mandatory and we are not breaking any laws, we will continue to be open.

We have made a volunteer program to all our current employees meaning that those who want to stay at home, can stay home and those employees who want to come in, can come in. We are doing our best to protect our employees and help them economically.

For our brokers, please let us practice safe hygiene and social distancing. Please place orders through emails or our online PO system. Call us with any questions you may have. We are not open to the general public.

Let us ship your order through UPS or FedEx. Send us your shipping address. Please avoid picking up orders at our location.

Brokers: have your orders drop-ship from the apparel vendors. Please do not drop off products. Please send us your UPS number and we ship directly.

We are changing our customer service  hours from 9am-1pm – Monday-Friday, until further notice. No walk in. Not open to the public

Only shipping IN and shipping OUT orders.


Please stay safe and we make it through the crisis stronger and better.

Thank you

Rick H
CEO, J6D inc