Attention Brokers East of Redlands in California!!!

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We are having some UPS issues with orders that are being shipped from our location to Moreno Valley, Perris, Beaumont, and areas nearby. UPS is having issues with shipping the product to the wrong location. It’s due to the massive Amazon warehouses in the area. We are assuming it’s happening in the loading process and the shipments are getting into the Amazon UPS trucks. Out of 4-5 shipments that were shipped wrong, all 100% of the orders were recovered, but there were 3-5 additional business days from original time we shipped. We haven’t had a complete loss of shipment yet. If you ask us to ship to your location, please be aware that there is a small chance (1-5%) it might get lost. We are hoping this is just a temporary issue and will be fixed once UPS works out their bugs.  Please keep an eye on shipments and ask for tracking numbers. Once you ask us to ship it UPS, (or any delivery/courier service) you are contracting a 3rd party to deliver your product and we are not responsible for losses or delays that might occur. Once it leaves our location, we have no control of the product and cannot be liable for mistakes from third parties.