Alot of changes and small request. 8/17/17

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Hey Everyone

Sorry there hasn’t been as many updates as we hope.  The production switch got turn on and we being going full force since.  Alot of changes within J6 designs since March. Alot personal changes, alot policy changes, and new equipment.

As you know Berk and 3rd position for customer service has been filled by Luke and Rebecca. We pray they stick around and become a permanent fixture here at J6 designs. We thank you for your patience on this issue. Customer Service position has become harder position to filled, alot harder than I hope.

Thais has finish her school and has left to purse her new career. Daniel has taken over and he doing best he can. He does not come from a customer service background but is picking up this position as Thais and Johnny have. I believe Daniel will have this job down by the end of this year. I believe our return rate has reduce by half since Daniel has been here, we have created a few extra steps for quality control for your orders.   I know there was alot of hiccups in the beginning but he was making sure he cross “T’s” and dot his “i’s” to make your order correct. Daniel is a great guy and he work hard this position, its not easy one as they don’t teach this at (trade) school. If you have concern with him, Rick’s door is always there for you.

That being said Daniel was hoping you can help him, we been getting alot PO’s with multi jobs within them. He ask us to reach out and ask if you can separate the orders in to different PO’s if the they contain different jobs, please. If the job has the same logo but color changes it ok within one PO, but we are getting PO with 2 or more different logos and different products. The chances of something going wrong only increases with multi logos on PO and we are trying to prevent that..

Since March, we add 2 BRAND new 6 HEAD Tajima  machines to our arsenal. These machines are to help us with the larger contracts but being use for smaller contracts as well. We got a brand new SureColor T3270 24″ Large-Format Inkjet Printer. This printer is the newest printer out there for screen printing films. It will print higher resolution on halftones than the printer we had before. It can produce films 3x faster than our old. We continue to invest in the company because have a believe newer equipment will increase quality and turnaround, which at the end will make your customer happy!

As we get into the busy season, take time read the guidelines over again and feel free to reach out for any concern you have.

thanks you again for your business, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Rick h