2023 Fulfillment and Finishing Program 8/24/23

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We are excited to offer new services to all our brokers. The last several years we have been involved with several large wholesalers who had required us to finish and fulfill their orders. That has given us a tremendous amount of experience in sewing, finishing and fulfilling to offer to all our brokers. 

As you may know we started creating, sewing and printing our own face mask during COVID. That led us into finishing garments, such sewing clip tags, patches and woven labels. This evolution has led us to our next phase of services off in doing fulfillment orders. We have customers with their own Shopify accounts either for themselves or for their customers. It is easier for J6 Designs to do everything IN-HOUSE and not have to take to several places like a logistics warehouse. Or do have the broker do it themselves over the weekends or at nights. Just create a store for your customer, let us print and ship it, without you having to worry about any of it. We have experience in creating Shopify stores that can help if needed.

There is a lot more information about our new services but we like to keep this email short as possible. We do have a new price list for this finishing service we now offer. If you are interested just reply back and request it.  If you have any questions or like to start a conversation please call or email us and I can help you as much as possible. 

I also created a new page on services and we will start adding more information as we start growing that service to all our brokers.

Thank you for you time

Rick H

J6D inc.