2022 Price List – 12/1/2021

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As we enter our busiest month of the year, we wanted to release the 2022 Price list now just in case we are overwhelmed with holiday orders.


On a quick different note, please read previous posts or emails about cut off for Christmas deadlines. We came back to a tsunami of orders and had to cut off taking in orders to assure what we have will be completed before Christmas.


As you know, the minimum wage keeps going up and up in California and we are doing everything in our power to stay in business and help serve your customers with the best quality in the area. Unfortunately, this causes a raise in labor and material we have to pass on to our customers.


This year we will hit the $15 for minimum wage for us and we constantly have to make labor adjustments just to keep our staff. We are getting a weekly 5% increase notice from our supplies vendors as you notice garments going up to. Unfortunately that means we need to pass the cost onto our services and make adjustments a lot more than we had in the past.


We do hope that with this final push of minimum wage, we should see a stabilization of labor contact in 2023 but as you know the last 2 years nothing is for certain. 


Please send us an email requesting the new 2022 price list. That way we can confirm you receive this email or post.


A few things to note on the price list:


Screen Printing: 

  1. We adjusted the Specialty Inks quantities to match our price list instead of these random cuts of numbers.
  2. Please note we have 3 types of reflective ink and should have infographics soon.
  3. We are taking crypto as payment if needed.



  1. Please note the big jump for 1-11 pcs, we are slowly turning into more of a production place and small orders are getting harder and harder to do.
  2. We are constantly asked to do puff on smaller qty, so we added a new price category for the 1-11 pcs
  3. Inhouse Digitizing has increased slightly
  4. We added a Patch fee to convert small embroidery into patches
  5. Metallic thread has increased, the price of spools have increased
  6. We are taking crypto as payment if needed.

Thank you

J6 Crew