2020 Price List

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Dear Brokers,

Another year is done, thank you for all of your business throughout this year!  Without your loyalty, it would have been impossible for us to grow to the size we are at now. California’s minimum wage, along with suppliers’ cost and other factors, are going up quarterly and yearly. We do need to have a yearly price increase to make sure we can stay in business. Most of screen printing and embroidery price list saw an increase of 2-3%. 

We do have 2 major jumps in pricing. On our embroidery prices, we had a major increase for orders of 1-6 pcs.  The amount of labor of doing small orders is becoming harder and time-consuming which causes us to raise the price drastically. Second is our DTG pricing, we haven’t raised these prices since February of 2018. 

We would love to keep the same prices as we have done in the years prior, however that is an unrealistic goal. We have changed our pricing to help stay in business and we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. If there are orders that we do on a yearly basis with you, please expect to have a small yearly increase to stabilize the higher wages California has implemented to raise their minimum wage until 2022. Please feel free to contact me or any of my customer service representatives with any questions you may have and ask for your new price list ASAP.

Thank you again and we hope to work with you on your projects in 2020. 

Thank you!

Rick H