2018 small updates…

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As we enter 2018, we want to take a minute to Thank You for everything! As all of you know this business is not as easy one, as most people think it is. We constantly hear “It’s just T-shirts and Hats. How hard can it be?”  But we know to your customer it’s more than that. Its way to show the world there business/event exist. Its way to unified co-workers or a way to help a good cause. Its helps build memories and adventures, it creates bonds. We try daily to remind ourselves of that and help your business grow to the next level.

For J6, we are hoping for good things this year.  We hope to update some old equipment and harden our foundation.  We recently spend over $10k on a new screen printing flash and electrical work. Our staff issues has stabilize, this is the longest tenure of the same customer service representatives we ever had. We been experimenting on adding another shift to our screen printing dept. It’s easier said than done but we hope to be up 100% by March. We do have few other endeavors that we would like to accomplish by end of this year.


As for bad things to look out for.. Wages, Wages, Wages. Another year, another raise on minimum wage. As this moment we are not planning on a raising of prices but it’s inevitable. Not only do we have to raise the wages of entry level personnel, we have to reflect it to our mid to high level personnel. As we been hinting to you, our suggestion is to start looking into raises prices to your customers. Profit margin are going to slim down due to an increases on labor, supplies, and technology. Especially customers that been paying the same price for several years. We all have customers that been with us a long time and we don’t want to raise their price because we are afraid of losing them. Fear can never be motivation in business. In our experiences we been telling our customers “This time I can keep the same price but your next order unfortunately we have to raise the prices and here is our the reason why….” Most customer appreciate the heads up and not raises the prices on current order. But will be ready for a price increase on the next order.


Again thank you again for letting us serve you and help your company grow. Please take advantage of the slow season and take a minute to read over the broker guidelines and j6broker.com. Both are constantly updated throughout the year. Review the download page and see if there is anything new. Update your thread charts with new colors we updated recently.  We hope to see you soon.