1/4/22 – Quicker S/P Turnaround and small updates

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We have some good news. We are catching up with our screen printing schedule. We are now  keying in orders that are coming in within 2 weeks of that date. No firm dates can be given yet but we do feel we are getting back to normal. Finally.

Our embroidery dept. still needs a little time to clear all the backlogs but hopefully next week we can give you a better update.

We have been able to hire screen printers operators and its helping. Once we can find 2-4 more operators for embroidery we can start catching up that dept. too.

Last update. We are closing our facemask dept and website. For now the website will be up just to have the information online for future reference. But we no longer can support orders for our custom facemask. It requires a large amount of fabric to cut and order with constant rotation to keep that open.  We not getting any orders for facemask for awhile now due the politicization of it.

We will be to print 3rd party face mask if you need it. But their might limitation to it.


thanks for reading!